(Ideas that deliver)


Where would Apple be today without their distinct brand? Brands play an even more relevant role nowadays in engaging prospective and current customers – If you are not memorable, you will be forgotten! We believe that at the simplest level, your brand should be appealing to your target audience, demonstrate strength and should represent your business ideology. Over the years, Lime Design have perfected the process of developing brands through gaining understanding of your marketplace and working alongside you to achieve your short and long term goals. Speak to us today and we will demonstrate what value we can bring to your next project.

Recent project –¬†Heavens Bake Brownies

Our latest involvement with a passionate startup aiming to supply premium brownies selection through an online presence. We worked alongside our client to brainstorm a name for the business and develop a distinct brand. We will progressively work on packaging and develop a website. We are a leading London based branding agency. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.