Our client is a new business brand powered by 20 years of previous years in the car body repairs industry. The new challenge was to encourage customers to ‘shop and drop’ their vehicles off for repair whist, indulging in one of London’s top shopping centres. Our task was to come up with an appropriate name for the brand and execute the branding to a very high standard. The client was very firm about ensuring that our branding and marketing approach was to be very strong as they would need to excel quickly in order to become market leaders fending off any potential competitors. We achieved a very strong brand identity that fitted the name we generated ‘PaintChip’. Our marketing materials and graphics communication were all in sync conveying the image of a repair taking place through clever usage of a professional sketch artwork.Our designers worked alongside the videographers to produce a storyboard for the ‘PainChip’ promotional video. Footage was taken and edited of cars being repaired whist, customers enjoyed the luxury in indulging in one of London’s well known shopping centre’s.

Project: Brand development and marketing collateral 

Hoffmann & Koree
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